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5 Reasons Why Living And Dining Furniture Manufacturers Use Wood

With advancement in technology, companies engaged in manufacturing living and dining furniture are using a wide variety of materials to craft those. To make their products more appealing to the customers, they often tend to neglect the impact these materials can cause to the environment. But according to a survey recently conducted, a majority of the companies are nowadays trying to craft furniture from solid hardwood. Whether you are crafting furniture for the living or dining room, this raw material is treated to be the most sustainable option and the best green solution.

Why Wood Is Treated To The Most Sustainable Material By Living And Dining Furniture Manufacturers In India

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• Renewable

Not only is the raw material environment-friendly but also renewable. It is the only material made from rain, sun, and carbon in the air and used for building furniture. It is also replenishable as it grows and replenishes every year. It is entirely the responsibility of the manufacturing company to adopt selective harvesting method, instead of clear-cutting.

• Good For Climate

It prevents climatic changes and is thus treated to be healthy for our environment. Carbon is treated to be a dangerous gas for mankind and trees can absorb it from the air. They store carbon monoxide in their trunk while growing and even after that. When you use wood to craft furniture, you are not only reducing greenhouse effect but also preventing climatic changes.

• Durable

The durability offered by dining and bedroom furniture crafted from hardwood is the best in the industry as it is the strongest material. They are tough and so little maintenance is required. As compared to plastic laminates, you can refinish them numerous times. Each refinishing offers them a new look. The durable nature of hardwood is treated to be one of the prime reasons why furniture crafted out of this material comes with a higher warranty period.

• Zero Waste

Every living and dining furniture manufacturer in India using hardwood to craft their products is aware of the fact that wood implies zero wastage. In the last few years, there has been a drastic improvement in technology and industries using wood to manufacture products are treated as zero-waste industries. Every variety of by-products produced during the manufacturing process can be re-purposed and reused. For example, the bark can be used for landscaping.

• Higher LCA

If you are willing to opt for the most sustainable material to craft furniture, you need to consider its LCA or Life Cycle Assessment. It is the scientific approach through which a product is assessed depending on the resources it emits or consumes while being manufactured, used, and disposed of. Not only does wood have the best LCA but its by-products can be easily used as fuel to power kilns.

Since furniture crafted from hardwood offers so many advantages, it’s time you start looking for a reliable manufacturer offering those and enhance the beauty of your dining and living room!

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