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If you are a part of the hotel industry, you must definitely be aware of the fact that being in trend in a must and so they need to quickly adapt themselves to every change in the field of interior designing. It is not only about creating a beautiful design but it has to be creative as well. There are a few latest interior designing trends that are currently ruling the hospitality scenario. It has become necessary for the hotel owners to transform the guestroom configuration and the accommodation units to ensure that all their guests are enjoying personalised experiences during their stay.

5 Latest Interior Design Trends for Hotels In India

Interior Design for Restaurants

  • Multi-Use Lobby Space

The focus of every designer willing to craft a unique interior design for restaurants in India is on creating the right first impression. The entrance lobbies have become the area where social encounters happen and so a lobby has to be created which the businessmen can use as a dynamic multi-use space. Keep a simple sofa arrangement in the middle where they can work on their laptops or engage in formal talks. You can also include a few features in the lobby like multimedia stations, green walls, large chandeliers and indoor waterfalls.

  • Spa-Like Bathroom

Gone are the days when designers tried their level best to minimise the available bathroom space with a focus on expanding the living area. Nowadays, visitors are showing more preference towards bathrooms having spa-like features. It has to be a sight which will invite the guests for a relaxing and luxurious experience. Few of the features they can include in the spacious bathrooms are luxurious beauty items, waterfall showers, en-suite bedrooms, over-sized bathtubs, sinks, and giant towels, to name a few.

  • Green Features

Every hotel owner is aware of the fact that sustainability is one of the delicate issues that they have to handle with care if they are willing to reduce their short-term costs. But they also need a sustainable interior design for hotels in India if they want to stay ahead of their peers. The innovative sustainable ideas they can rely on are big windows to allow the entrance of natural light, green roofs and walls, electronic water faucets, graywater recycling, recycling bins for guests and using eco-friendly building material for construction.

  • More Texture And Colour

Every designer engaged in designing interiors of hotels and restaurants knows that now the trend is on including more texture and colour instead of patterns. This is primarily because visitors can embrace textures easily instead of visual patterns when they are holidaying. More colour and texture gives them the opportunity to feel those and get lost in it. You can stay assured that your guests will check-out from your hotel with a smile on their face.

Since you are now aware of the latest interior design trends for hotels and restaurants in Kolkata, it’s time you start looking for a reliable interior designing company offering their services at competitive prices.

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