Interior design for model apartments in India

When Ashim Karmakar founded the Sristi Design Studio in 2006, he wanted to make an inescapable dent on the designing scene in Kolkata. While delivering on various conceptual projects in private and residential homes, Ashim found the need to interior design for model apartments in India. His main intention is to imbibe purpose and function in ways that are unmatched. He pays strong attention to details and helps solve functional problems to designing in a simple and elegant style for homes.

Ashim reads the mindsets of customers when he begins designing projects. Most homes reflect the taste and character of the people who inhabit the home. It is crucial that you keep in mind the financial budget, the rituals and behaviour of the home’s inhabitants.

The team at Sristi helps create a big impression on the interiors with style and fashion. He is capable of understanding the needs of his clients and helps reflect the inner being of the householder. With techniques of Vastuu he has been able to create styles that are evocative!

He attends to the details of budget before embarking on any interior design work. While most home owners depend on a trusted interior designer that knows how to adorn a room with expressive furniture and attractive decor. Ashim pays attention every detail and knows how to match the style of the client with the needs of the home.

Ashim has a knack of building designs on purpose and function. He does not leave anything to chance. He solves functional problems with simplicity and elan. His simple designs and amazing style quotient raises the bar every time he is designing model apartment interiors in India. Although based in Kolkata, Ashim is known for his creations and design portfolio all across the country. His unique style of interior design is now famed and widely acclaimed!

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