Interior design for real estate companies in India

When real estate properties are bought, the owner attaches a lot of importance to creating a liveable space that enables happiness and solace to exist. Real estate agents often collaborate with interior designers to create environments that are imaginative and very sound! At Sristi Design Studio, we do all this and more! We interior design for real estate companies in India with a motto of serving the needs of the consumer at all times. Engaging an interior designer that looks into the pros and cons of designing a piece of real estate is always very enticing. Ashim Karmakar is an interior designer that combines a lot of finesse to create real estate interiors that offer an appeal and value for money. Ashim has a great experience in managing teams to get the job done and his skills are excellent.

Sristi Design Studio inspires trust and cooperation among the customers. We seek to understand the core culture of the real estate owner and try and infuse elements from the same market. Our team has extensive experience in designing common areas, lobbies, tenant spaces, homes and atriums. At Sristi Design Studio, we do all that it takes for the marriage of business goals and aesthetics!

We have managed to add value to real estate projects by designing the interiors of many real estate properties. We have helped design structured models of interiors, and have created concepts that sell. We design in such as way, so that you add tremendous value to the real estate in no time. We help build stylish interior spaces to improve the brand value in no time.

Our design team combines creativity and commercial understanding to design the best property interiors for you. Our work speaks volumes about who we are in interior design for real estate companies in India.

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