Interior Design For Residential Private Homes In Kolkata, India

If you are on the lookout for interior design for residential private homes in India, Sristi Design Studio is simply the name to trust. Founded by Mr Ashim Karmakar in the year 2006, we are a reputed interior designing company in Kolkata, widely known for our unique approach to design, its quality, details and finishing. Over the years, we have perfected ourselves in guiding our valuable customers through impeccable and well-timed execution of various residential projects.

By using premium materials which are latest in innovation along with precise craftsmanship, Sristi Design Studio delivers flawlessly designed residential projects which surpass the expectations of our clients. We are a diligent team of skilled and energetic individuals with highly-experienced designers, well-qualified architects and product designers who embrace forthrightness, diversity and creativity. With us by your side, be assured of magnificent and high-quality interiors at the best competitive rates.

Our Interior Designing Services For Residential Private Homes

Being renowned for our revolutionary interior design for residential private homes in Kolkata, we create interiors which complement the altering ways of the world of interior designing. Our team of experts understand that each residence is distinct in its own terms of character, density and location. Thus, each of our designs is crafted with an apt interpretation of the homeowner’s lifestyle and culture.

No matter how small or big your residential private home is, with our passion and eye for detailing, we can craft the perfect interiors for your residence. By combining innovative techniques and advanced technology, we ensure that nothing but the best interiors are offered to our customers all over India.

Why Choose Us?

  • Skilled professionals with a vast experience in crafting beautiful interiors.
  • Unparallelled dedication and commitment to quality professionalism.
  • Professionals who offer customised designing solutions according to the tastes and preferences of clients.
  • Experts who strike the perfect balance between fashion, tradition and comfort.
  • Unique interior designs at the most affordable prices.

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