Interior design for shopping mall in India

The Sristi Design studio is known for the fabulous works in interior design for shopping malls in India. Designing the interiors of a mall is all about setting the bar high and creating a brand story with immersive experiences. Ashim heads the team at Sristi, and is able to create a head turning display without much effort and problem. The devil really is in the details when designing the interior for a shopping mall. The main motto is to attract more customers to the store and be able to browse through products that help create the decompression zone or that first area of interest.

Ashim and his team helps coordinate the fixtures, lighting and displays along with colours. The idea is to ensure that every store with its products have a particular signage and cart that is able to make a big impression on the shoppers.

The idea is to create a big impact on stores that sell merchandise that is fast moving. Cosmetics and beauty stores help make the most with products and discounts. The main aim is to house the high demand and high profit products on the shelves facing the store to create vignettes of shopping delight!

Sristi Design Studio is known for incorporating a style of design that is comfortable and encourages customers to have a great time when shopping in a mall. Malls are meant to be relaxed areas that arouse a lot of vigour and vitality in shoppers. Most shoppers want to lounge about in the areas inside a shopping mall and it makes sense to ensure that a shopping mall has spacious check out areas and recreation zones for shoppers to dine and lounge at.

As an interior designer, Ashim pays attention to all this and more!

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