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The restaurant or the getaway joint you own is not just about the food you serve but also about the interior and the ambience. The restaurant should help create a certain imagery in the minds of customers that enables them to come back every now and then. A complete dining experience is not just about good food, but all about the interiors, service, among a host of other things.


If you are a restaurateur and would like your restaurant or food joint to be the talk of the town, you need to keep in mind a few tips while designing your dream child:

Create a noticeable entrance that makes the first cut: The entrance makes the most impact when a customer comes to a restaurant. It should be catchy and unique with the name of the food joint displayed bold enough for people to see. If you are designing the entrance to a sea food restaurant, you could have shell shaped entrance that would attract glances and turn heads.

Focus on the clients to want to focus on: When you get down to the interior design for restaurants in India, we commonly forget about the clients we serve. It makes sense to actually focus on target audiences and demographics. For instance, if the crowds you are planning to pull to your restaurant are the youth, you can then experiment with colours and create a trendy and stylish atmosphere. You can also opt for a theme that matches with the food palette.

Opt for exquisite artwork: You need to select artwork that complements the feel of the restaurant. As the owner, you need to feel the pulse of the customers. You can choose the large pieces of artwork that could also include the logo of the chain. You could also have water colours in your walls and create a dreamy decor that will be able to draw the customers.

Check the colour palette: You should be able to use a colour scheme that enhances the overall ambience of the restaurant. Choosing a colour scheme effectively is always a great thing. Unified colour or large chunks of different colours can make an impact on the minds of the customer. Family restaurants look good in lighter shades. If yours is a nightclub offering food and drinks, you should opt for a vibrant colour scheme. Think about the furniture in the room and the customers that regularly visit the place.

Make use of the old stuff you have discarded: You need to use the old stuff in ways that are unique and can be recycled in innovative ways. The old bottles you have used in your restaurant can be used as a decorative item or candle holders. You could also use pale floral painted vessels for a vintage design.

Mix and match your tables: Determine who your target customers are and blend in old pieces of furniture with tables that are brand new. Your design style should be all about paying heed to the individual’s need. There are open spaces and silent corners inside restaurant; you need to use the best furniture to do up the entire space.

Experiment and design intelligently: Never stop experimenting. Try out themes and furniture that are a complete representation of modern art. Haphazard furniture or even artefacts are top picks for interior designers that play with the interiors well.

Create a Theme: You should come with an amazing theme that attracts the restaurant goer. Try out new trends in foods and cuisine such as forest themes, underwater themes, an airplane themed restaurant or even a restaurant that is all women!

Design the kitchen well: The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant and is the centre piece location wherein style meets functionality. Invest in stylish shelves or an open kitchen with illuminations and great ventilation.

A good restaurant needs decor that attracts eyeballs and creates the right atmosphere for the food to be appreciated. A successful interior design for restaurants in India is all about making the customer happy so that one visit gets replicated into several follow up visits!

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